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Vancouver – Warsaw – Global Gay Solidarity Days

[livevideo id=8C8F077CEAE640F0B90DFD16D0C0FB0E]

SOLIDARITY. Canadian Olympic swimming medalist and human rights activist Mark Tewksbury attended the moment of silence in Vancouver.

“Activists in cities around the world took part in the first Global Gay Solidarity Day this weekend. Their goal: send a message to government and UN officials that queers everywhere deserve equality.
In Vancouver, activists held a moment of silence on Fri, Aug 3 to remember those who have fallen victim to human rights abuses because of their sexual orientation.
Canadian Olympic medalist Mark Tewksbury told Xtra West that the event helps put the spotlight on queer people around the world who are still fighting for basic human rights.
Over the weekend, organizers from cities including Stockholm, Mexico City, and New York staged events and demonstrations to show solidarity with oppressed queers around the world.”


[livevideo id=73E68E5BFE6445C6AA296C49DFB1BC49]

REMEMBER : Lukasz Palucki from Warsaw (Varsovie), organized a vigil in front the Iranian Ambassy (3/08/2007).

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